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Best Scripts to Decrypt your Corrupted Files Permanently

Dear viewer! Today I bring Ransomware Decryption Scripts for you. With starting  2020 its bring bad luck for us due to various natural hazards like World pandemic Covid-19 start from china on Jan-2020 to worldwide, Natural disaster like Fire in Amazon Jungle, Political issues, and many more.
Apart from this Internet users are also suffering from hacker’s targets. Different types of Online ransomware have been attacking day by day with different extension formats.
This is totally offline coding Virus so there is no single tool to remove these viruses so I am helping you to try to recover some data by using the below scripts for some ransomware

hope you will
satisfying with my tips.

Offline Data Recovery Softwares Free download

Online Data Recovery Method:


How to use these tools?

Download Decryption Scripts for your Virus

MPAL  Decrypt Script

MPAJ  Decrypt Script 

LALO  Decrypt Script   


BROS  decrypt Script

QEWE  decrypt Script 

GESD  decrypt Script 

JOPE  decrypt Script

SQPC  decrypt Script

Mado decrypt Script


Budak decrypt Script


Nesa decrypt Script

Password :learnmore

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