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All RUN Command List for Windows

All RUN Command List for Windows


 Dear Learnmore Trick viewers,  RUN Command is a programme available in windows operating System used to execute commands .It is used to execute entered commands and perform advanced administrative functions.Run commands are just like using command prompt in a GUI environment.Which may help to save your Valuable Time ,Because it is a shortcut method and less time consuming.


Table of Contents

How to use RUN command

To use RUN command on your PC you can open RUN Programme for this:
1. Go to Start menu.
2. Type RUN and hit enter
3. Then Type Commands as you want on this dialouge box
Press Windows + R key From your Keyboard and Hit Enter for Shortcut Method

All RUN Commands 

1.  Accessibility Control——-> ujacess.cpl
2.  Acessibility wizard ———> accwiz
3.  Add Hardware wizard——-> hdwwiz.cpl
4.  Add/Remove programs——> appwiz.cpl
5.  Administrative Tools———-> admintools
6.  Automatic Updates———–> wuaucpl.cpl
7.  Bluetooth transfer Wizard——> fsquirt
8.  Calculator——-> Calc
9.  Certificate Manager——> certmgr.msc
10. CharacterMap—–> charmap
11. Check Disk Utility—–> chkdsk
12. Clipboarf viewer——> clipbrd
13. Command prompt info—> Cmd
14. Command prompt services—-> dcomcnfg
15. Computer Management ——> Compmgmt.msc
16. Control Panel —–> Control
17. Date and Time Properties—-> timedate.cpl
18. DDE Shares—–> ddeshare
19. Device Manager—–> devmgmt.msc
20. Direct X troubleshooter—–> dxdiag
21. Disk Cleanup Ulility——> cleanmgr
22. Disk defragment——-> dfrg.msc
23. Disk Management——> diskmgmt.msc
24. Disk partition manager—–> diskpart
25. Display properties desktop —–> Control 
26. Display properties—-> desk.cpl
27. Dr. watson system troubleshooting Utility —–> drwtsn32
28. Driver Verifier Utility—–> verifier
29. Event Viewer—–> eventvwr.msc
30. Files and settings transfer tool —–> migwiz
31. File Signature Verification tool——> sigverif
32. Findfast—-> findfast.cpl
33. Firefox—> firefox
34. Folder Properties—–> control folders
35. Fonts—-> Control Fonts
36. Fonts folder—-> fonts
37. Free cell card game—-> freecell
38. Game Controllers——> joy.cpl
39. Group policy Editor—-> gpedit.msc
40. Hearts card Game—-> mshearts
41. Help and Support—–> helpctr
42. Hyper terminal——> hypertrm
43. Iexpress wizard——> iexpress
44. Indexing service——-> ciadv.msc
45. Internet Connection wizard—–> icwonn1
46. Internet Explorer——> iexplore
47. Internet properties—–> inetcpl.cpl
48. Keyboard Properties —-> control keyboard
49. Local Security Settings—-> secpol.msc
50. Local User and Groups——> lusrmgr.msc
51. Logs You out of windows—–> logoff
52. Malicious software removal tool——> mrt
53. Microsoft Chat—–> winchat
54. Microsoft movie maker—–> moviemk
55. Microsoft paint——> mspaint
56. Microsoft syncronization tool—–> mobsync
57. Minesweeper Game—-> winmine
58. Mouse properties——> control mouse
59. Mouse propertise——> main.cpl
60. Netmeeting—–> conf
61. Network connections—–> control netconnections
62. Network connections——-> ncpa.cpl
63. Network setup wizard ——> netsetup.cpl
64. Notepad——-> notepad
65. Object packager—–> packager
66. ODBC Data source administrator——> odbccp32.cpl
67. On screen keyboard——> osk
68. Outlook express——> msimn
69. Paint——> pbrush
70. Password properties—–> password.cpl
71. performance Monitor——> perfmon.msc
72. Performance monitor——> perfmon
73. Phone and modem options—–> telephon.cpl
74. Phone Dialer——> dialer
75. Pinball game—–> pinball
76. Power configuration——> powercfg.cpl
77. Printers and faxes——–> control printers
78. Printers Folder——> printers
79. Regional Settings—->intl.cpl
80. Registry Editor——> regedit
81. Registry Editor—–> regedit32
82. Remote Acess phonebook——> rasphone
83. Remote Desktop——> mstsc
84. Removable storage ——> ntmsmgr.msc
85. Removable storage operator request——> ntmsoprq.msc
86. Resultant set of policy (for XP Professional)——> rsop.msc
87. Scanners and cameras ——-> sticpl.cpl
88. Scheduled Tasks——-> control schedtasks
89. Security Center——> wscui.cpl
90. Services——> services.msc
91. Shared folders—–> fsmgmt.msc
92. Shut down windows—–> shutdown
93. Sounds and Audio——> mmsys.cpl
94. Spider Solitare card game——> spider
95. SQL client configuration ——-> cliconfg
96. System configuration Editor—-> sysedit
97. System configuration Utility—-> msconfig
98. System information—–> msinfo32
99. System properties——> sysdm.cpl
100. Task manager——> taskmgr
101. TCP tester——> tcptest
102. Telnet client——> telnet
103. User Account Management—-> nusrmgr.cpl
104. Utility Manager——> utilman
105. windows Adress Book—–> wab
106. Windows Adress Book import Utility——> wabmig
107. Windows explorer——> explorer
108. To open Windows Firewall and advenced security——> wf.msc
109. Windows Version—–> winver
110. Windows update standalone manager—–> wusa

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