How to make Building Drawings for Municipal using AUTOCAD

How to make Building Drawings for Municipal using AUTOCAD


Dear learnmore trick viewers, Today we will discuss about how to make buiding drawings for Municipal Using AutoCAD software in Nepal.This is Very important to all Civil engineers,Architects ,Draftpersons and other who use autocad and want to create a map for their own purpose after that it will pass through Munucipal in Nepal.

Why we need to pass our drawings in Municipal?

If you are an Engineer,an Architect and you are planning to create a map for any building either residental or Commercial ,you need to full fill all criteria that given by your Municipal after that it will be verified for further work.Which gives you an idea about to create a safe design idea .Now adays it is essential due to Earthquake in Nepal in 2072 BS.So, We cannot take risk for unsafe design of our House. If you work personally or officialy you should meet all basic criteria that provided by Municipal.


What is AutoCAD ? 

The word AutoCAD is Combination of “Auto” is a logo of Company and “CAD” refers computer aided programe. It is developed by Autodesk Company which is located in USA.It is 2D and 3D modeling Software.It is used acrossed wide range of industries by architects, Civil engineers,Interior Designer,Graphic designers ,Engineers and other professional people for design.

Benifits of Using Autocad

There are lots of benifits if we are using autocad in an advance way ,some of main benifits are:
  1. More Accuracy
  2. Easy to Transfer
  3. Easily Modify 
  4. Quickly Create designs.
  5. Improved quality over hand drafting.
  6. Create 2D,3D ,Isometric views of any drawings.
  7. Time Saving 

How it works?

1. AutoCad mainly works on Coordinate sytem and Polar Coordinate system.
Coordinate System : We can draw conceputial drawings using X,Y coordinates for any rectangular building while Polar Coordiate system is used to draw inclined Object.


2. There are so many shortcut Key and Controls Keys.
3. Different toolbars which makes our work conceinent

Required drawings for residental building  

While we create a drawings for residental drawings and want to pass for municipal we need followings drawings .
1. 2D Drawings:
It includes, Trench plan,Floor plan ,Roof plan ,Column layout plan,Footings plan,Beam plan, Slab plan with proper dimension and sections.
2. Elevation of building
we need to create east elevation,west elevation ,south elevation and North elevation as per site.
If we shows any tree on our drawigs it will be more affactive.
3. Section of building:
It includes: Section of Building which may cut from staircase with proper RCC band ,Door/ windows Sill and Lintels,Hatches ,door/windows section,Staircase sections including Footings with proper Level and dimensions.
4. Other 
Septic tank plan, Site plan, Location Plan ,Door windows Schedule, Some Specifications for RCC with proper set back and other follow buildings bye laws .

Municipal Format for drwaings.  

If you are create a drawings with followings Municipal Rules and regulations properly ,we need to arrange our drawings for  Municipal with their standard format Before Print out.

  • All drawings should be Standard North direction so make sure first create a direction logo and arrange all drawings as per north direction. 


  • Read carefully first in which place you are going to be design you must read their Bye-laws for standard rules.


  • All drawings should be in a proper Scale.


I will recomended to print your drawings in A1 Size paper.

1. Drawings includes in first page

Plans: Basement or Ground floor to Roof

Elevations: All four Elevations

Section: Section of your Building through Staircase

Other: Siteplan with proper setback distance, Location Plan, Door windows Schedule, Specification of works. 

2. Drawings includes in Second page

Plans: Trench , Column layout plan, beam layout plan, Slab layout plan,

3. Drawings includes in Third page

Structure drawings:

Structure drawings for plans:

It includes beam,column, slab, footing,Staircase structure drawings as per standard (Should be meet MRT Rule in case of area less then 1000 sqft. otherwise you need to analysis Structure later than create Structure Drawings) with proper bar size with number of uses in diffrent length.

Structure drawings Grid wise (Elevation):


Other Design Guidelines

1. Physical Aspect:
It includes: 
  • Location, Zoning,Orientation of existing property along E,W,N,S directions,Main road, service road,Nature and type of surrounding,area of the site, Building Bye-laws,Orientation, Topography (nature of ground,size of plot, frontage,Depth,Soil Condition, Desirable view)
2. Social, Cultural and religious Ascept
It includes:
  • Existing of any temples, Curches,mlosques,Stupas ,Mediation centre nearby.
  • Religion of client

3. Requirements of owner
It includes:
  • No. of person

  • Age of the person 
  • Profession of owner
4. Maintain Proper Vastu in your design as per Vastu sastra.


4. Types of planning
It includes:
  • open/closed/compact/mixed planning
  • Style of building

  • Building material (Brick,Stone, Tile, Flooring, Roffing etc)

  • Construction technology (RCC,PCC,TRUSS,WOOD etc)

5. Building Bye-laws
It is diffrent in diffrent municipals so we need to visit office and get it from their or any other sources.
It includes:
  • Set backs
  • Ground Coverage
  • Buiding Heights:

  • F.A.R (Floor area ratio)

  • Light plane : (63.5 degree angle from edge of open space like road to openings)






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