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Find / Track Stolen and lost Laptop, Mobile and Tablet

This post is about how to track your stolen and lost devices Using PREY, like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets free of cost with help of software known as PREY.  And I hope it will be very helpful for You.

Download prey for windows OS:http://preyproject.com
Download prey for different OS: CLICK HERE

Simple steps to make your PC Safe from Stolen using Prey:

After download software of any version\
Step-1:  Firstly, install prey
Step-2: choose a new user for creating profile


Click on Apply.

Step-4: After creating the project open www.preyproject.com and login with your email id or direct open prey panel www.panel.preyproject.com

Step-5.   choose laptop or mobile whatever you want to trace
Step-6.  After this click on your laptop name or mobile name for further configuration setting.

7.check basic configuration and save.

Step-8: The most important part is if your laptop is missing then you just need to toggle to the right side (towards the missing side) & if your laptop is not missing then you may off this.

Step-9: Then click on reports to see your laptop status with location
Step-10: If you want to see the theft then you should check the webcam, alarm, alert etc as you want on your configuration setting.
 your report also can see in your email that you provided on login.

ENJOY!!!!!! and leave a comment.

Maybe you don’t get reports, or some actions simply don’t run. These simple commands will help our support team identify what the problem is.


Open a Windows command prompt (“cmd”).
Assuming Prey is installed on the default folder, run this command:
C:\Prey\platform\windows\bin\bash.exe C:\Prey\prey.sh > C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\Desktop\prey.log
And also this one:
C:\Prey\platform\windows\bin\bash.exe C:\Prey\prey.sh --check > C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\Desktop\prey-check.log(Check Mode)
That will save two files on your desktop, prey.log and prey-check.log. Please attach those when you contact our support team, or paste them on our forums.

Mac OS X and Linux

Open a terminal.
Run this command:
And also this one:
/usr/share/prey/prey.sh --check (Check Mode)
Please paste their output when you contact our support team or post on our forums.

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