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 Five important Municipality Norms you should know before build your House

 Five important Municipality Norms you should know before build your House
Five Important Municipality Norms You Should Know Before build your House

Today we will discuss  Five important Municipality Norms you should know before building your House. If you are planning to construct and design your dream house, Office, complex any Building Structure, you need to fully fil in the Laws and Norms provided by the Municipality before Building your structures. Those Five mandatory Norms are Given below :

Five Important Municipality Norms

  1. Ground Coverage:

In simple language, Ground Coverage can be easily defined as the maximum area covered by a Building. That means It gives you an idea about what is the exact percentage that you should cover an area for your building over a total land area or Plot area to build a structure.

Some Basic rules of Ground Coverage as per IS Standard:

  • If your Total plot area or land area is up to 8 Ana, you can use 70% Ground Coverage. (That means if your Plot area is up to 8 ana you can use 70 % area to build your house)
  • If your Total plot area varies from 8 Ana to 1 Ropani, You can use 60% Ground Coverage.
  • If your Total plot area is More than 1 Ropani, You can use 50% Ground Coverage only.


1 Ana 342.25 Sq.ft.

1 Ropani= 16 Ana

1 Ana = 4 Paisa

1 Paisa= 4 Dam

1 Bigha= 20 Kattha

1 Kathha= 20 Dhur

1 Dhur= 182.25 Sqft.


  1. F.A.R. (Floor Area Ratio):

It is the ratio of your Total Building area (Plinth area) to your Total Plot or Land area.

FAR= (total Plinth area of Building / Total Plot Area)

In Nepal, Generally FAR = 1.5 to 4.5

For Residence Buildings, FAR= 1.75

Floor area ratio

In the case of Kathmandu, Nepal = If you construct a Complex building you can use FAR  up to 4.5, but You should follow more norms and laws as per Kathmandu Municipality.

(If your Plot area is 1000 Sqft then Your Building area = 1.75*1000 = 1750 Sqft. That means You can Cover  1750 sqft  to build your Building )

Where, Total plinth area = Total area inside wall and Column of each floor of the building.

If you have a 3-story house and each floor contains a 1000 sqft area inside walls & columns then the Total Plinth area is 3*1000= 3000 sqft.

Note: We should not take , Parking area, Basement area, Balcony area, Staircase area to Calculate F.A.R.

  1. Height of Building:

It is another Essential Norm and should be known by the technical person and Owner as to how many stories or Floors you can construct your Building as per your Plot area.

Generally, For Residential Zone, the Height of the Building Can be taken up to 30 -40 Feet. (that is, 3.5 to 4 story)

If You have taken maximum FAR and minimum Ground coverage at that time you can construct your building up to 4 stories i.e. 40 ft.


  1. Set Back Distance:

It is the Minimum Distance from the Road to Your Structure or Building.

Generally, Set Back distance is taken from 1.5 meters to 5 meters as per your Municipality  By-laws. But be sure it will be not less than 1.5 meters.

Note:  In General, the Road width  Must be a minimum of 6 meters width and then you can leave a 1.5 meter Setback distance before building your House for Safe Design.

If there is a Drain on the road, at this situation Road width be a minimum of 4 meters width and then you can leave 1.5 meter Setback distance before building your House.


In the case of Road width, It will vary as per municipality laws or Road division laws in your area so better to Visit the related office to confirm.

  1. Distance for Openings:

It gives an idea about the minimum distance That you should leave for Your Openings Like Windows, doors, and voids from your Structure to other property lines while constructing or designing of building.

In General, If you Put Windows on your Building you should leave a minimum of 5 feet of distance from other attached Properties.


Learn more trick Viewers, the Above 5 Norms not only fulfill safe design, These are Basic Norms but there are many rules that you should follow before construction so I strongly suggest you visit a good design Consultancy before planning to build your structure.

For more details, you can visit ERG Consultant PVT.LTD. New Baneshwor, Kathmandu for Consulting, Design, Supervision, and many more Technical works they will give good Advice and Suggestions without any cost.

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