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How to protect your content from select and CopyIDisable copy paste on blogger

Disable select and copy paste in  blogger content

Hello viewers Greetings today i am going to show you how to disable select and copy paste in blog content .Which is easy process you need to follow my steps below for this.
Disable Copy of any blog content or post is very important for blogger or owner for their own right to protect your articles from copied so i highly recommended this method to apply on your blog or website.
If you don’t want to copy your post from any one by using CTRL+C and CTRL+V or manually then here is a tutorial for you.

Method 1: Using Java script on your layout

This is the most easy method for new blogger who want to disable select and copy paste in blogger content but don’t have more idea on HTML coding and it works for all responsive blogger templates.
Step 1: Sign in your Blogger Account with your gmail account.
Step 2: Go to blogger dash board

Step 3: Click on Layout menu from left side.


Step 4: Click on add a gadget
Step 5: Choose HTML/JAVA Script from list and add by hit plus (+) icon
Step 6:Now copy below codes and paste under Content section


Step 7: Hit Save
step 8: Click save arrangement and refresh
Step 9: Now view your blog and its done.

Method 2: Using Edit HTML  under Theme

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dash board
Step 2: Click Theme Menu from left side
Step 3: Click on Edit HTML
Step 4: Search <head> under coding for this put a mouse cursor in your existing codes then press CTRL+F from key board then type <head> then press enter.
Step 5: Paste below script just below <head> on your Blog

Step 6: Then click Save theme 
Step 7: Now you almost done to check view your blog and try it.

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