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How to download and install AutoTURN pro full version ,100% working

How to download and install AutoTURN pro full version ,Easy Steps to crack keygen
How to download and install AutoTURN pro full version ,Easy Steps to crack keygen

AutoTURN is one of the Best Software using for Swept path analysis in the civil Engineering World and brought to you by a Popular  Company Transsoft Solutions. This tool is easy to design roads, curve radius, Speed, and other traffic-related conflicts easily by using vehicle simulations or turning path analysis. This software is commonly used in European Countries, whereas quite famous in Asian Countries.

Why AutoTURN In Design

  1. To perform Turning Path Analysis with greater efficiency accuracy.
  2. It can lower the project cost and shorter timelines.
  3. AutoTurn Gives Designers Peace of mind whether they choose to evaluate vehicle movements along a predefined path or use smart path tools to generate a turning radius based on a vehicle’s speed.
  4. an engineer can design with confidence by visualizing the changes to vehicles turning characteristics and instantly see their impact on the swept path envelope.
  5. AutoTURN has become the only solution that lets designers generate 3d sweat path envelops useful in evaluating ground and overhead conflicts.

Features of AutoTURN

  • Most advanced turn simulation application with the Swept path 2.0 technology.
  • Brings new dimensions to modeling, analyzing, and visualizing vehicle swept paths.
  • Equipped with Swept Path Technology which takes the analysis to a whole new level from the Path Automation to 3D Clearance Analysis.
  • Enables you to simulate refined vehicle movements by inserting the waypoints.
  • Provides you maximum possible speed on a given route.
  • For multi-part vehicles, AutoTURN Pro 3D allows the users to detach parts from the front tractor.
  • Can generate 3D swept path envelopes with the vehicle height and ground clearance for analyzing designs in a 3-Dimensional space.
  • Enables you to simulate more refined vehicle movements by adding waypoints.
  • Let the users detach parts from the front tractor which is ideal for checking operational scenarios at different facilities.

How to get AutoTURN Software Safely

  1. You Can Download its Latest Full Version (For Safe)  from its official Website, By contributing a small amount of money from Here: official Download Link

2. If you can’t pay the money you can get this software from here: Download From here for auto turn Pro V.9.0

Main requirements For AutoTURN on your PC Before installation

  1. AutoTurn Software
  2. AutoCAD 2015 ( for Autoturn V.9.0 it supports only the Upto 2017 version only).
  3.  Memory: 1 GB of RAM (minimum)
  4. Hard Disk: Minimum 1 GB Free Space required

How to Inastall AutoTurn Pro V.9 Correctly

To install Autoturn on your PC You might be followed a Few Simple Steps as directed :

download steps from here.

Step-1: First Download AutoTurn Software and save it on your PC.

Step-2: Unzip The installed Files Click on the Setup.exe & Run it.

Step-3: Click on Set up a Standalone License & Click on Install Full version

Step-4: Click on Next for Installation

Step-5: Enter Your License Key & CD Key then click on next.

License & CD Key: Download 

Step-6: check for  I Agree to the terms of this  License Agreement on the dialogue box then click ok.

Step-7: click on Next and Ok for Confirmation while Installation

Step-8: Make Sure to check Installed Autocad Softwares under creating Shortcuts Dialogue Box and click on next and it might take a few times to install on your PC.

Now, To Crack this Software follow these steps:

Step-9:  Run  Installed Autoturn Software using  Desktop Shortcut. And Registration form will appear

How to Get Authorization Key

Step-10:  We need to get Authorized Keygen, Using Command prompt so follow this steps:

  1. First, Go to the Path for folder …\Crack\ on your PC where you save your Software and Copy  that link  from Top Ribbon
  2. Open CMD, Press Windows Key & R button from Keyboard then type CMD or, Open it manually.
  3. Then Type this on CMD:  CD /D  Drive path:\Crack  (i.e. your crack Folder path that you copied)
  4. It will be driven towards your crack files location then type drive path:\Crack>keygen 14 9 0 xxxxxxxx a
  5. Replace XXXXXX  Code with Yours 8 digit codes that you find from your installation and it takes a few seconds to generate a code
  6. Note down that code and Put it on your Authorization code.

Example: Get Authorization Key using CMD

(Example: In My Case, I was saved this Software Under  Drive D, So  Crack file saved Path is:

D:\ENGG SOFTWARES\AutoTurn\Transoft_AutoTURN_Pro_3D_9.0.3.316\Crack

And to replace Installation Code  XXXXXXX  My Code was: 85610701 ( It is found while I  installed auto turn)

Step 1: Open CMD

Step 2: Type : CD /D D:\ENGG SOFTWARES\AutoTurn\Transoft_AutoTURN_Pro_3D_9.0.3.316\Crack

Step 3: D:\ENGG SOFTWARES\AutoTurn\Transoft_AutoTURN_Pro_3D_9.0.3.316\Crack>keygen 14 9 0 85610701 a

Step 4: I Got a Key: B39BPQ48Z8IY9HRA then put it as Authorize key




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