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How to remove ransomware from computer 🔥 Manual Method to Delete Threats from PC










Manual method to delete Ransomware or Virus is a coded program that is coding by professional hacker and then send those coded software in User PC to stole their data, to encrypt important files and send a note to pay them for recovery software or Key. Such virus changes original files format to their own name extensions
like abcd .mp3 converted to abcd .mpal if .mpal ransomware attacked your PC. So I always recommended installing antivirus or anti-malware software from their official site and make Updates to protect our PC from those Viruses.

While 2020 began, hackers are more active to make such type of virus and send it on User PC by using different tools or Link. So we must be aware our self from unknown links and software. If we want software we must google for its official site and download it.

Sample of_readme.txt sent from virus


Any way ,People who are suffering from online ransomware with different extensions like .Mpaj,.Mpal,.Lalo,Btos,.Gesd ,& Many more .Please try to remove such virus file ,folder contains such virus by manual method first .Then Use other software if needed.

Here are some steps to remove virus file and folder that contain virus in Windows -7-10 operating System .

Step 1: Restart your PC first


Step 2: Open your PC in Safe Mode
> Press Alt+Shift+Delete Bottom to restart

> Press F8 bottom on your Keyboard


Follow this path: C:/windows/system 32/drivers/en/hosts
Right click on hosts file and open with note pad
Select unwanted host address and delete all then save.


Step 4: Delete Unwanted temporary files from your system
> Go to start menu >type in search >Type Run >
###Type : %temp% then delete all files some files cannot so leave as it is.
Step 5: Remove Unwanted Extension from your Browser (see example for Chrome Browser)
Step 6: Kill unwanted Running applications from taskbar (go to process ,Right click,End process)

Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut

Step 7: Now Install any malwarebytes software  your PC and Deep Scan your PC if there is any virus or virus affected file appears remove them permanetly.
How to  download and Scan malware bytes by using Malwarebytes pro in full detail visit Here

How to  download and Scan from Avast Premium Security Antivirus in full detail visit Here
Step 8: If there still your File are not recovered then try to recover your files By using these Tools

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