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Microsoft Windows O/S History and Windows 7 editions review

Windows 7 editions review
Windows 7 editions review

Dear learnmore trick user.without any doubt i can say that we are using  Microsoft program for long time for different purpose in different forms like Microsoft word, office, excel, power point, Ms project, security essential and many more.
But still some people does not have idea about the most famous Microsoft operating system , anyway who body care to know about nonsense topic . But i suggest to know about basic features about operating system before install it.

Windows is a platform that was powered by Microsoft company on November 10 , 1983 .The owner of this world famous company is Bill Gates .He is the only person that make operating system for your PC in ease way to operate it.

Before that we should know about a simple history of Microsoft Programs.

History of Microsoft Operating System for PC:

2.windows 1.0-2.0
3.Windows 3.0-3.1
4.Windows 95
5.Windows 98
6.Windows ME-Millennium Edition
7.Windows NT 3.1-4.0
8.Windows 2000
9.Windows XP
10.Windows Vista
11.Windows 7
12.Windows 8

13.Windows 10

Microsoft Operating System for Servers and  Mobile Phone
1. Windows Server
2.Windows Home Server
3.Windows CE
4.Windows Mobile
5.Windows Phone 7-10


Now , in the begining of 2020 windows have upgrade its version from MS-Dos to Windows 10. For PC & windows Server to Windows phone 7-10 for Servers and Mobile phone. Among all O/S Windows vista, windows XP are those operating system that was used earlier in Platinium computer widely.Meanwhile, Windows -7 is commenly used operating system nowadays.
Today i am going to tell about windows-7 and its Edition’s Comparison in summary because windows -7 is the most famous and Easy operating system to use in simple way with many features.
There are some packages available in windows-7  Namely :
1.Windows starteryer
2. Home Basic
3.Home Premium

6. Ultimate

There are Vast Comparison in Details  Between Among .
The Main difference between Windows Starter Vs. Other Edition’s are:
1.Usases :
Windows Starter Is mainly uses for Protable computers /Netbook But Other are for PC .Mean while Acer,Dell,HP are Installed Starter in Some Countries. Windows Starter offers Windows 7 Basic Interface only.
2. Availability :

Starter is available Worldwide but you couldn’t Buy in a box edition  .
3.PhysicaMemory (RAM):
Starter Canot afford More than 2 GB External Memory Whearas Home BasicmHome Premium afford up to 16 GB Meanwhile Other Up to 120 GB Physical Memory.
4.O/S availabilty:
Starter is only availbale in 32-bit /X86-bit O/S but other are available in 32bit & 64bit.
5.Monitor :
Starter only accept Single monitor wheras Other accept More.


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