Dashain 2020 I Vijaya Dashami facts and Celebration

History of Dashain

Dashain 2020 I Vijaya Dashami facts and Celebration
Dashain 2020 I Vijaya Dashami facts and Celebration


Vijaya dashami is  a festival of good beating evil ,it is a period for family get-togethers, trade of endowments and favors, and expound pujas. Dashain respects the Goddess Durga, who was made out of the shakti or energy of the apparent multitude of divine beings, furnished with weapons from every one of them.Vijayadashami is watched for various reasons and praised diversely in different pieces of South Asia.  In India and Nepal Vijayadashami marks the finish of Durga Puja, recollecting goddess Durga’s triumph over the bison evil spirit Mahishasura to reestablish and ensure dharma. Vijaya Dasami is seen as Bijoya Dashami, following the day of Dashami or the 10th day of Navaratri, .

Dashain is also called   Dashain,Dasahara,  Dasara or Dussehra .  This is the longest Hindu celebration in Nepal, generally celebrated for about fourteen days with petitions and contributions to Durga, the Universal Mother Goddess. It is seen on the 10th day in the Hindu schedule month of Ashvin or Kartik, . Many imprint their appearances with vermilion (sindoor) or wear some red garments. It is a passionate day for certain aficionados, in any event, for some skeptic Bengalis as the assembly sings enthusiastic farewell melodies. At the point when the parade arrives at the water, Durga is submerged, the dirt breaks up, and she is accepted to re-visitation of Mount Kailasha with Shiva and to the universe all in all. Individuals disseminate desserts and blessings, visit their loved ones a few networks, for example, those close to Varanasi mark the eleventh day, called Ekadashi, by visiting a Durga sanctuary.

How to celebrate Dashain in Nepal

Vijaya Dashami Festival and Facts


Dashain is the 15-day celebration celebrated by Hindus of Nepal and they get Tika, as an image of gifts from the seniors, on the tenth day of the celebration.The initial nine days of the celebration are called Navaratri (nava: nine and ratri: night). The eighth day is Maha Asthami, an awful an ideal opportunity for a large number of bison, goats, ducks and pigeons that succumb to the unforgiving cut of the khukuri blade. This night is known as Kal Ratri (dark night).

In Nepal, Vijayadashami follows the celebration of Dashain. Adolescents visit the seniors in their families, far off ones go to their local homes, and understudies visit their teachers. The seniors and instructors invite the adolescents, mark their temples with tika and favor them. The family respects the Hindu goddess of riches Lakshmi, seeking after righteous achievement and success in the year ahead.

First Day is Called Ghatsthapana In which Neplease people are harvesting Jamara  which is the combination of maize,wheat,rice etc. The love of Sri Durga Bhawani at Dasainghars more than nine days finishes up officially upon the arrival of Bijaya Dashami after the Abhishekh or sprinkling of blessed water happens denoting the start of tika.

Goddess Durga, representing fearlessness and ability, is venerated and offered penances to guarantee the enthusiasts’ advancement and flourishing. During the initial ten days, travelers run to different stream conversions promptly in the first part of the day and hallowed sanctuaries at night.  The Special days ,Ghatasthapana, Phool Pati, Mahaastami, Nawami and Vijaya Dashami are the arrangement of the occasions under Dashain each set apart with an alternate arrangement of customs.

Individuals get tika and jamara till the full moon day. Tika and jamara are viewed as the promising blessings of the goddess Nawa Durga and they imply thriving.

Most Hindus of Nepal keep getting Tika and gifts from the seniors for the following five days after the fundamental day, additionally called Bijaya Dashami.

Dashain Celebration in  Kathmandu Valley

During Dashain, people in their delicacies visit their seniors to look for tika (a spot of red vermilion blended in with yogurt and rice) joined by endowments. Blade precessions (Paayaa) are additionally held in different aspect of the Kathmandu Valley. Countless creatures are formally yielded at Hanuman Dhoka during Nawami which is gone to by authorities, invitees and guests.

During the ninth day, the Taleju Temple which is regularly outside the alloted boundaries is additionally open to the general population. The most  Special  day after  5 days later of Tika, known as Kojagrat Purnima, is the full moon. New garments, home visits, fantastic banquets, kite flying and town swings are the features of Dashain. Around this time the number of inhabitants in Kathmandu is significantly diminished the same number of head home to different pieces of the nation.

On the 10th day known as Tika, individuals are seen moving around with their temples secured with rice tika, wearing new garments. There is a lot of devouring as individuals visit family members’ homes to get tika and favors.

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