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How to delete ransomware permanently from PC

There are few steps to remove ransomware from your pc
1.first download any anti-Malwarebytes software
Like spy hunter , Malwarebytes etc from the internet
2.install and scan your pc
3.then install any antivirus
4.Deep scan your Computer.
5.remove unwanted files
6. Manual delete your all temporary files from your Computer: watch here for steps
Visit: HERE for Detail process to delete Manually from your PC

(Note: for this method, your PC should be on Safe Mode)

7.Delete unwanted IP addresses from your host file.
(C: WindowsSystem32driversetchosts)

8.Delete   _readme.txt files which is installed with your ransomware in each file. for this select virus-affected drive, go to search, Copy & paste _readme.txt & Select all files then Delete permanently.
9.Then recover your  affected data offline by  using recovery tools:
Download malware byte from Here:Click here
Download antivirus for free from Here: Click here

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