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How to find out Coordinates using AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a software launched by Autodesk Family  to make drawing,draft and design of any project in simple way.Application of Autocad  is very wide in engineering ,Surveying & designing Field.
Today i am going to show you how to find coordinates (Easting:X,Northing :Y)of any object from Autocad drawings which is very applicable for layout of any project on Ground before Construction.It is the first stage of Construction.For this a Surveryor must be Survey the project and later that design on AutoCAD .
To find exact Coordinates from Autocad drawings you can follow flowing steps below:

How to find out Coordinates using AutoCADStep 1:-

Open Contour plan or any drawing plan on AutoCAD

Step 2:-
Put a crusher that you want to find out Coordinates (X, Y) where X=Easting & Y= Northing

That displays on left bottom side on your Work space.

If you want to display Coordinates that you desire on your AutoCAD file then follow these steps:
Step 3:-
Type “point “command (Without Quote) and click on that you want to find out coordinates,         which display point
Step 4:-
Type “Ddptype” command (Without Quote) to change Point Style. From this Command you can change your desired point style.
Step 5:-
To Resize Point style Choose   set size in absolute units then
 Set value on Point Size as figure below:
Step 6:-
Now to find Coordinate of that point choose leader or type “T” Command (Without Quotes) for text.
Step 7:-
Now Select text and Right click on text and click on Insert Field then it will open dialogue box
Step 8:-
Ø  Choose Field category as Object
Ø  Click on Object type pick Bottom icon and click on centre of point that you want to your coordinates
Ø  After that Choose Position and finally check on X, Y, Z box to get Easting, Northing, Elevation of that   pointThen click ok.
Step 9:-
To Remove Background Color right Click on Coordinates
Ø  Click on Editor Setting
Ø  Uncheck Show Background.
Step 10:-
To find various coordinates of different point then
Ø  Copy points with coordinates that and paste on your desire locations.
Ø  It shows same coordinate values because you copy and paste pervious point coordinate.
Ø  To find exact coordinates of these point Type “Regenall” command (without Quote) then click Enter.
Ø  Finally you also find out Various points Coordinates using these steps.
Thank you!!!

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