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How to fix 100% Disk usages in windows-10 ,8.1,7 🔥 Five method to solve disk usages problem.



What is Disk usage?

How to solve disk usages problem in Windows

Dear viewers today i am going to teach you a trick on how to fix 100% disk usages in windows-10.

Disk usage is the percentage of Computer storage with current use .In simple words it Compare with disk space or capacity with the total amount of space that a existing disk is capable of storing. The  measurement unit of Disk Usage is measured in Kilobytes (KB),Megabytes (MB),gigabytes (GB) and Terabytes (TB).Where 1KB=1000bytes, 1MB=1000KB 1 GB=1000MB & 1TB=1000GB in SI unit with base 10 where as 1KB=1024bytes, 1MB=1024KB 1 GB=1024MB & 1TB=1024GB in Binary Unit with base 2.

How to identify disk usage always 100% on your PC?

To identify that your PC disk usages you must open task manager by pressing  ALT+SHIFT+ESC bottom from Key board  or manually  type task manager in search menu on windows-10.After opening task manager dialogue box you can see DISK under performance tab with percentage.

What kind problem arises if disk usage always 100%?

If your disk usage is 100 percent  then it might be very harmful for your PC and Hard disk .which may slow down your computer and become unresponsive .As a result your PC cannot work  properly and at the end your hard disk might be fully crashed. 

How to solve Disk usage problem ?

First of all make sure your disk usage wouldn’t exceed more than 50 percent in any case for safe side .To solve this issue i recommended you to purchase PC having at least 8GB Physical memory ,But if not possible upgrade your PC into Solid State hard disk or buy PC with solid state SSD which spped may 400 to 500 Mbps. If you don’t have high physical memory PC and don’t have idea to upgrade your laptop on SSD  and still facing problem you must follow below methods which might be helpful  to solve your problem .


Method 1: Disable superfecth services

You should identify which process of which drive /disk that takes more services like service hot superfecth  which consumes more disk usage. To solve this:
1. Go to start menu
2.Type  services in search menu and select services and open it.
or, Press Win+R for Run then type services.msc 
3. After  opening services windows, Search Superfetch and lets stop services for this.
4. Right click  > Properties > select startup type >choose Disable.
That means when your windows start this is disabled and reduce hard disk consumption.

Method 2: Disable windows services

1. Go to start menu
2.Type  services in search menu and select services and open it.
or, Press Win+R for Run then type services.msc 
3. After  opening services windows, Search windows search
4. Right click  > Properties > select startup type >choose Disable.
Now check your hard disk usage it will be 3 to 4% but if you open any application like MS word,Videos it will rise below 50% but if crossing 50% all the time when you launch program then try method 3.

Method 3: Scan Hard disk using Command prompt

It is the process to scan your whole existing disk and solve your disk error if occurred by using command prompt. It might takes time to scan your whole disk so be patient while scanning.
1. Go to start menu
2. Type Command prompt in search menu manually
3.Right click and run as administration

4. Type: sfc /scannow


It takes some times to scan whole disk so wait for 100% repaired which means if there will corrupted files in your disk it will automatically repaired sucessufully.

Method 4: Use Third party software

It is the method to identify your current PC status .Here i recommended you too download and install Crystal disk info software.

1. Download Crystal disk info


2. Install it and open
3.Expand till ends

(you will see the id’s called o5- means react located sector counts,C5-means Current pending sector counts & C7-means Altra dmacr error counts. Where thershold remains 43 & error 000000 that means your PC is Fine.

Method 5: Uninstall Third party  antivirus software

1.Go to search menu and type control panel
2.Go to control panel
3. Select uninstall program
4. Uninstall antivirus like Maccaffe,Avg,Avast etc. that you installed. and use less disk consumption antivirus like 360 security.
You can just keep windows security,windows defender which already installed with operating system.You don’t need any antivirus if you update it.

Hope you will fix 100% disk usages problem.Please leave comments and subscribe us for up to date with more tricks.

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