How to import Pdf in AutoCAd

New in AutoCAD is that the much-needed ability to import PDFs. This feature will import geometry and True Type Fonts (.ttf) only. If your PDF file contains fonts that use an .shx font, that text are going to be imported as linework. But either way, this is often far and away my favorite new feature.

There are two options to import the PDF:
1) Importing a PDF by browsing to a file ( This is the best method).
2) With a PDF already attached to the drawing (like an XREF) – Importing some of the PDF or the whole PDF.

Here’s how:

Browsing to a PDF:
The Command to import a PDF is just PDFIMPORT or the “PDF Import” button is found on the Insert tab > Import panel > Import Dropdown.

PDF Import

Note command line that asks you to “Select the PDF Underlay or File”. Click on the “File” option.
Select PDF or File

After selecting the PDF, You will see the “Import PDF” dialog box.

Import PDF Dialog box

Make sure to see out the choices during this panel. Something that I actually like is that the road weights utilized in the PDF are often imported. the opposite great point is that if the PDF was created using the choice to make layers, those layers are going to be imported also.

When you click on the “Options…” button of the panel, it’ll open the traditional AutoCAD “Options” panel. Here you’ll specify where the PDF Import should place any Images that are within the PDF. These images are going to be imported and attached to the drawing like an XREF.

PDF Import Options Button

After you click the OK button back within the PDF Import panel, the progress bar will churn a touch bit then voila!!! now the PDF file is imported as editable AutoCAD geometry.

PDF Import 1 Done

Importing an attached PDF:

You can use the PDFIMPORT command and button a bit like the above step.

Select PDF or FileThere is also a replacement button on the “PDF Underlay” Contextual ribbon that displays once you select the PDF that’s currently in your drawing.

PDF Underlay Ribbon

When you start the command and select the PDF, will see the options in the command line as the PDF objects or All of the PDF.
Import all or someThen You will need to specify what should be done with the attached PDF after the import is completed.
Unload Detach or KeepAfter that The Settings dialog box looks as below:

Here You should make sure to Check Vertical Geometry, True Type text & raster Images on pdf import option & use pdf layers under Layer.

Import PDF Dialog box

When you click OK it  your PDF will be imported.

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