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Top 20 useful Auto LISP for AutoCAD

AutoLISP may be a dialect of the programming language Lisp built specifically to be used with the complete version of AutoCAD and its derivatives, which include AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, and AutoCAD Mechanical.

  1.  AutoCAD full version loaded on you computer then AutoLISP is already there.
  2. .AutoCAD LT version don’t have AutoLISP interface

How to use /Load the AutoLisp file on AutoCAD?

To Use AutoLisp files on AutoCad Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Type the “AP”  command (Without Quote) on Autocad  or, Go to the Manage Tab (Upper Ribbon) Then load the Application
  2. Select the Lisp File that you want to Use
  3. Click On Load
  4. Close

Enjoy !!.. Now You can Use the Command file of your Lisp File

Why Auto Lisp?

AutoLISP is one of the best ways to generate a drawing file with a single command. The Uses of Lisp files are wide on AutoCAD some of the best reasons to use Lisp files are:

  1. AutoLISP is employed to make programs that will automatically generate drawings.
  2. Using AutoLisp we can Save Time.
  3. Easy to use, by using  Specific Commands.

Must useful 20 Engineering Lisps files:

“Engineering Lisps” is the most powerful and feature-rich lisp collection. CAD Package users have their own set of lisps for automation, which saves tons of time. But checking out an appropriate lisp from this set of lisps is difficult. Also, most of those lisps are freely available on the web or custom-made and hence aren’t properly documented.

We can create Own Lisp file using lisp commands, for ease of use and simplicity, lisps have been categorized under the following heads:


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Lisps Name Command for AUTOCAD Uses Download
Import points

Coordinate with Table



To make Coordinates with a table–Use for Survey Work Download






To find Gradient, Slope, Incline, Hill, and Rise Calculations Download



change block layer



Fix block with Autocad Block

(Dynamic block intoUndynamicc block) & (Layer into the block to layer zero)



Area AS Auto Area Measurement Download
Click2xls & Text 2Xls click2xls


To export Txt to Excel Download
AD-Automatic Dimension AD To label Automatic Dimension Download
Arrow Arc V1.2 AARC Arc Arrow in CAD Download
Area label v.9 AT (Acd table) & AF (For File) Area label automatic in AutoCAD Download
CD.vlx CD Area Divide Download
Numbering N Autonumbering Download
Object break V1.0 brk (break in two-point)

brko (Break in intermediate)

Break Object Download
Object lock lock objects

unlock objects

To lock and unlock Objects Download
Text 2 Mtext v2.0 T2M Text to Multi-text Download
NL-Create New Layer NL To-Create New Layer Download
TE-table Export TE AutoCAD to Excel Table (export) Download
AutoAligh dm (BD) BD Auto ALign Dimension Download
slope & Elevation slope slope & Elevation Download
Slope Slope To Find Slope in Percentage Download
LTFLY.vlx LTFLY To Create A Line Type As per own Choice Download



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