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Shutdown ,Restart Computer Using Command Prompt

Shutdown ,Restart Computer Using Command PromptLEARNMORE showing you how to shutdown /restart computer on your same network using Command Prompt,you can do this
whereever u want.this video is education purpose only.

I.  First of all make sure that your PC is connected with wifi
II. All command are without quote (“”)

1.You will need yo open cmd by typing “CMD” in start menu search

2. Make sure you are connected to your network.

3.after opening cmd console type “net view“then we can see all the net user name like:

4.now type “ping (User name)” that u want to restart or shutdown


,for instance “ping MANIK-PC
after this you can see their ip add inside and copy this ip add

fe80:……………….] (to copy this add >right click over it > click on mark> then mark all ip add>press ENTER)
5.type “shutdown -i

6.click on add
paste ip add on this

7.type any comment eg.VIRUS AFFECTED!!!

8.Choose shutdown or restart whatever you want

9.choose time after what time that PC shutdown or restart

10.click on OK


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