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Most Amazing Excel shortcuts Using I ALT Buttom

Most Amazing  Excel shortcuts  Using I ALT Buttom
Most Amazing Excel shortcuts Using I ALT Buttom

Dear Learnmoretrick viewers,Today i am going to tell you about excel shortcut key with ALT tab of keyboard ,hope it will really help you to make your life easier.

Alt——– To vie all tab
ALT+O+D—— Conditional formatting rules Manager 
ALT+O+E——– Format Cell
ALT+D+L——- Data Validation
ALT+H+B+T—-Outside bold border
ALT+H+A+L—-Align Left

ALT+H+A+R—-Align Right
ALT+H+A+T—-Align top
ALT+H+A+B—-Align Bottom
ALT+H+A+C—-Align Center
ALT+H+A+M—-Align Middle’
ALT+H+F+C—-Font Color
ALT+H+F+S—-Font Size

ALT+H+M+M—-Merge cells
ALT+H+M+U—-Unmerge cells
ALT+H+M+C—-Merge & Center
ALT+H+M+A—-Merge Across
ALT+H+B+O—-Bottom border
ALT+H+B+A—-All thin border
ALT+H+B+P—-Top Border

ALT+H+B+R—-Right Border
ALT+H+B+N—-No border
ALT+H+O+A—-format– Auto height row
ALT+H+O+I—-format– Auto width column

ALT + = —- Auto sum
AlT+D+E+E—- Deliminate (after after any sign)
Alt+E+S+V—-first copy cell then(Paste special ,where V =to paste value only)
ALt+E+S+T—–first copy cell then(Paste special ,where t =to paste Format only) and many more.
Alt +’—— format style dialog box
Alt + ;—– select the visible cells in the current selection
Alt + Down arrow —- Display auto complete list
Alt + Enter —- Start a new line in the same cell
Alt+ F1 —– Insert Chart
Alt + F2—- save as
Alt + F4— Exit
Alt+F8— Macro dialouge box
Alt + F11—Visual basic editor

Alt + Shift + F1— New work sheet
Alt + Shift + F21— Save


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