A Complete setting in Blogger to earn Money 🔥Advance Setting for Blog

What is Blog?

A complete advance setting for Blog:

Blog is a discussion website which includes text,pictures,video,animated gifs  etc.,ending with .blogspot.com in suffix which was developed around 1994-95 AD. .It is a online journal with lots of informative subjects ,which shows your post in reverse order that means your last post appears first and vice-versa. In easy word we can say  “Blog is a Online Diary or Journal” Located on website.

Concept of Blogging

“I do Blogging for my Passion not for Money” if you understand this so logon then you will be a successful Blogger. It is a great way to promote yourself worldwide. It helps you to developed your self confidence level and share your intellectual power to the world by your post.Which may enhance your writing skill .

Shall I earn money from Blogging?

Yes,Undoubtedly you can earn money from Blogging but you must fulfill some criteria of blog and google ad-sense. you can earn money from blogging if your post is genuine and informative .Some of the tips to earn from Blogging are:
1. You must post your Blog continuously.
2. Choose right Content which is user friendly and what the world want to read .Which makes you successful blogger quickly.
3. Use user friendly language like English,French,Indian etc. You can see for detail on google ad sense post. If you use English language you have more chance to earn money.
4. Write your post with headings ,subheading for your Content  with at least 500 words.
5. Use different tools and plugins to reach your content fast for user ,Like you can index your post in google search console which makes your blog in highest rank .
6. Never Copy other post and content.
7. Setup your Blog first,Which is very Important to make u successful Blogger.

How I setup my blog?

Setting up your Blog is not a tough job,If you have some idea .However,for Beginner it might be difficult so don’t worry here is a some tips to set up your blog like a professional blogger.For this you must follow following steps for essential settings on your Blog settings:
Before Setting up your Blog :First Logon your Blogger  with your Google Account,then choose your Blog that we want to setup.Then go to settings and lets start:
1. Basic Setting:
Title:  Choose appropriate Blog title which indicate on which topic you are writing a post for Audience.
Description : Write shot note about your blog ,which may widen your blog types for audience.your description must be with in character limit .
Blog address: Choose easy and appropriate blog address which may indicates your blog .
Https redirect: Always enable https: for your blog.
Blog Author: You can add blog author for your initimate friends,relatives if they want to help you for post .You can aslo change blog admin .
2. Post,Comment & Sharing Setting:
You can show your post on your blog as per your post like 3 post on main page .I preferred you don’t exceed 5 post.
In Comment section : You have a choice different methods that how com mentor will reach on your post.
You can write some words for your audience about your blog or post on comment from message section.
3. Email Setting:
You can Change your setting  as per your wish. But you can leave as it is on this settings.
4. Language Setting:
It is the important setting for your Blog:
language: Choose appropriate language that in which language are you preffered to write your blog.
Enable translation:You should enable this option to gain more viewers that may help your post reach for different language user.
Time Zone: Select your Country time zone.
Date header format: Choose as your Wish.
5. Search preferences / other settings:
It is the most important setting for your Blog. you can watch Video  how to setting up on this section from here:


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